Monday, July 18, 2011

Customer service is more than a script

I went to get breakfast the other day, and while this may seem mundane and of no real consequence to anything work related, bear with me.

You see the place I went to prides itself on customer service. The service was OK, but hardly amazing. I mean the food was prepared quickly, I made it through the drive thru (yes I know not the healthiest choice, but that’s not the point either), and the lady at the window did say “Have a great day and come again”. So what’s my complaint.

Well this may seem minor, but if you want me to believe you really care about me having a good day, say it to me, not as you are turning away to do something else.

Connecting with customers is more than following the checklist or a script, you need to really care if they are having a good day. Look them in the eye, smile and say “Have a great day!” and really want them to have a good day.

It’s the difference between having a teacher that has a thirst for sharing what he or she knows, and having someone that just likes the idea of tenure and summers off. My sister is a teacher and don’t get me wrong, she likes her summers off, but she has also been teaching others since she was in grade school. Seriously, my mother used to babysit and we would all teach the younger kids what we learned in school. If you think my sister isn’t a great teacher because she lives to educate, you would be wrong.

Now maybe this lady had something else very important going on, maybe someone just dropped something or called her name and this caused her to turn. I don’t know and this one incident isn’t likely to make me stop going there. I mean even saying “Have a good day” is better than many other places do. But it was enough to prompt me to think about it on my ride in and take the time to write this post, so clearly it’s important to me. Is it important to you too? Is it important ro your customers?