Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Network outage collaboration


One of the things I picked up out of this article was about collaboration. One of the hardest things when troubleshooting a network issue is getting the right people working together to brainstorm the issue, without duplicating efforts.

In the past we would kick up a conference bridge, or gather around one person's desk and all offer suggestions. Not really the most efficient use of resources, but not bad.

With ISAAC you can have a complete discussion within the network management tool and archived and date/time stamped. Instead of having to call, IM or email who just tried what, everyone can see what's going on by following the "outage". Equally cool, there is a time stamp on when things happened so going back and trying to work out a root cause or resolution is free.

We don't have that many outages any more but 10 years ago we used to have daily "Outage meetings" to discuss any issues from the previous night and would spend an hour or so reviewing what we did and could have done better. These wouldn't be a memory exercise with ISAAC around.

I wish telco's would do this so when I call for a status I could get something up to date, accurate and useful. ISP's should take notice!

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