Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some cool chatter things from Dreamforce 11

Wow, really kicking myself even more now after watching some of the keynote from DF....

OK My thoughts on the new chatter announcements.

One of the challenges to getting people to use salesforce is giving them a reason to be in it all the time. ChatterNow can be your new IM and they have some sort of sharepoint integration. Now Hopefully the ChatterNow IM client works with all the other IM clients so it works beyond just users. Otherwise that's going to be a hard sell.

Chatter workflow
When we first got workflows back in sharepoint 2007, I was all excited. This would allow users to build their own applications. So many of our "applications" are really just forms with workflow and if we could get business users to build their own applications, we could free IT resources up for "hard core" development.

It didn't really catch on in 2007 but I'm hoping it will in 2011. This will be a huge shift in how IT organizations operate and are structured.

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