Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nice customer service story

I, like most of us, am pretty used to bad customer service. I mean the number of times I've been delighted is much less than the amount of times I've walked away frustrated by the lack of caring.

But I was pleasantly surprised by VW of America. They had sent me a recall a month or so ago for a fuel line issue. Now I wasn't really annoyed or even phased by this. Every one has recalls and I knew I'd just schedule time to get it done. No big deal.

But VW did something that really shows great customer service, they actually sent a $50 gift card to their customers to make up for the inconvenience. In it they apologize for the problem, re-iterate their desire to avoid repeating the problem in the future, and for the paranoid in all of us, explain there are no strings attached.

We all make mistakes, but great companies not only fix them and apologize for them, but make it right for the customers, Great job VW!

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