Friday, October 26, 2012

Asus Zenbook and Galaxy SIII

I recently upgraded my HTC evo 3d from Sprint to a GS3 from Verizon. The same week I upgraded my Dell E4300 to an Asus Zenbook Prime. After a few weeks here's my thoughts on them...

Samsung Galaxy S3

The GS3 is fast and Verizon coverage rocks. I get 4g coverage in Maine which I never would have expected I would see in 2013 let alone now. When it connects to 4G it is super fast. Even 3g speeds seem like much better coverage than Sprint. The display is awesome.

It stinks having to switch phones. I sort of assumed that since I used google play at least the apps I had downloaded would have magically showed up. They didn't and I spent the first day getting them all again and organizing the icons so I could find them. It was what I was used to but I was expecting better.

The display is great, but breaks super easy. I know it is supposed to be Gorilla Glass, but I think mine was Bunny Glass or something. Literally it slipped out of my hands and fell and cracked the glass. Entirely my fault but a 12-18" drop seems like it should not have ruined a $600 phone.

The even worse news is the repair is a $250 repair. I have insurance but it still is going to be $100 out of pocket. So far I've lived with it. I figure if I broke it in 2 weeks with normal use, I can't afford to repair it every time it breaks. I mean that's $50 a week.. It sure seems like a glass replacement is more like a $20 repair. If anyone knows any tricks I'd  love to hear them.

Lately my phone has been rebooting. Hopefully this won't be a regular occurrence

Asus Zenbook Prime

The zenbook is super fast. It's light and the display again is really good.

Unfortunately the display is too good. The resolution is so good that I can't see it. I really need to drop it down to something that makes every thing bigger, or admit I need progressive lenses. I'll probably do the resolution thing....

I hate the touch pad. It seems way to sensitive when I'm typing and frequently I look at the screen and find the cursor moved on me and I'm garbling paragraphs. So far it has happened twice in this post. That really pisses me off, but worse when I am trying to use the touch pad it doesn't seem sensitive enough. To be fair, I've never liked them and disabled it on my Dell too and used the pointing stick. The Zenbook doesn't have that so I need to use an external mouse which stinks when I'm in a lazyboy recliner....

I hate the face that I need to hit a function key to get page up or down to work as well as the volume. Speaking of volume the sound is much better than the Dell speakers were.

It's a super light laptop but the downfall is I need a dongle for the external VGA monitor and it doesn't have a DVD or ethernet port either. They shipped the machine with a USB ethernet port, but it was a 10/100Mbs connection. I always use wireless so not a big deal, but really 10/100????

I know I'm going to lose or forget the vga dongle. I haven't yet, but I will.

I miss the 3 power supplies I had with my Dell. I only have one with the Asus. I'll forget that one day and need to get another one. Not exactly an Asus issue, just annoys me. :)

Generally I love them both, but like anything it takes some getting used to. I'm still getting used to some things...

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