Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top ten reasons people tell me they don't chatter

 Anytime a new disruptive technology comes out there always are the naysayers who have dozens of reasons why it won't work. #Chatter is no different so just to help make it easier for people to have their reasons why I created a list.

So the top ten reasons why people can't use chatter. This is sort of specific to #enterasys but I'm betting you can relate to it.

10. I don’t have an account. False: Everyone here has an account. It’s your email address for the username and your “regular” password to login.
9. I don’t know how to chat. It’s as simple as typing, but we also offer a chatter class. Send me an email and I can set you up.
8. I don’t have time to chat. Chatting takes less time than you think. In fact you can probably do it from your phone while waiting for traffic, lunch or the line at the restroom at the next Celtics game.
7. I don’t have anything to chat about. Everyone has something to chat about. Things that may not be exciting to you, probably would be useful to someone else. Worst case people stop following you.
6. I don’t like people following me. It creeps me out. Yeah it creeps all of us out, but you get used to it. I still feel like that guy in the Verizon commercials with the whole team following him around.
5. I don’t login to Salesforce.com.  You can use the Salesforce.com chatter client. Download it here https://na6.salesforce.com/setup/chatterdesktop/chatterdesktopsetup.apexp or wait a week or so and we will have it installed on your machine for you.
4. I don’t even know how to get to Salesforce.com. The URL, or web address is https://login.salesforce.com Click the link and it will take you there.
3. It says my 5 year old version of internet explorer is too old. They’re right it is too old, upgrade it, or call us and we will get you on windows 7.
2. I don’t want to say something that should be under NDA and get in trouble. This is only for internal people, so keep it business professional and you’ll be fine.

But the number one reason people don’t use chatter.

1.       I just can’t seem to get as many followers as Vala and it hurts my pride……
(Vala is our VP of global support and the number 1 followed person in the company).

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